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About Us

Tea for Two was inspired by memories of the warmth, nourishment, and love so evident in Grandma Bella’s meticulously prepared meals. Grandma Bella was raised in a traditional Eastern European home, where great emphasis was placed on fine quality ingredients, naturally and organically produced foods and ethically sourced nutrition. Grandma Bella migrated to New York from Europe with her recipes and culinary expertise and continued to nurture her family through her delicious and heart-warming meals. Through her cooking and her commitment to raising and nourishing her family, she instilled principles and life-values that went far beyond the meals that she served. 


Nostalgia for the aromas and tastes of Grandma Bella’s cuisine prompted the opening of Tea for Two, where traditional, old-world recipes have been re-created, and where we share Grandma Bella’s recipes with the world, maintaining her philosophy of nurturing people through delicious meals, served with care and careful attention to quality and detail.


At Tea for Two, we provide the home-cooked experience you crave and remember. In addition to the unique flavors of each dish, the elegant and welcoming ambiance will surround you with luxury and comfort. With each bite, we guarantee that your senses will be revitalized and that your taste buds will be transported to another era and location – to Grandma Bella’s kitchen, where bellies and souls were lovingly nurtured and always satisfied.   




Hadas Krasner -

“Almost twenty years ago, Tea for Two was one of the first kosher Italian and sushi restaurants. Fans of the restaurant can now rejoice as the restaurant has reopened its doors ”


Johnathan D. -

“The environment is wonderful and the place is beautiful and modern, the food is up to restaurant quality standards.”


David M. -

“This is a top notch kosher restaurant. Delicious food and amazing flavors!”

Fresh Homemade Pasta
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